10 Reasons to Use Tradewind Graphics Maui, for your Website Design and Hosting.

Tradewind Graphics has been building websites since the beginning of the Internet. So we have the experience to get you up and running smoothly. If the fact that we have built hundreds of websites isn’t enough to sell you on our services here are ten reasons to use Tradewind Graphics for your website design and hosting needs.

1. We have an office!

It doesn’t sound like much, but Tradewind Graphics has had a storefront office for 20+ years. Beware of website designers who work from home. We have helped way too many people recover their websites from deadbeat designers who move off island, stop returning calls and let domains expire.

2. Free SSL. (Secure Sockets Layer)*

Beginning in October of 2018 Google Chrome will stop you from visiting sites without SSL. SSL is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. Already Google Chrome warns you that a site isn’t secure and Google is boosting sites that have SSL in their search engine. Included in our Hosting plan. Learn more here.

3. Free CDN (Content Delivery Network)*

Your business may be on Maui but your website visitors are all over the world. A CDN allows the images and pages of your website to be cached on servers around the world so that your website loads fast no matter where you are.

4. Security

In this day and age security has become a huge issue for all websites. Tradewind Graphics monitors your site with sophisticated anti-malware software, limits log-in attempts and blocks attacks by web crawling robots. Our quarterly updates of your websites will keep the hacking headache away.

5. Daily Backups*

As part of our commitment to security, Tradewind Graphics does daily back-ups of your website at no additional charge. So if you mess up a page it’s easy for us to bring it back to the page you had yesterday, one week ago or even revert back a month or more.

6. Fast, Easy and Fun

We are excited about building websites and we will make the process fast and fun! We are experts so we are there to help you register your domain name, set up your DNS and hosting so your business can be online even if you are computer challenged. Are you ready to go? So are we. If you can supply us with all your text and images for your website, we can get to work right away. We often launch websites from organized businesses in a week. Stop in anytime Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm. See our Tiki Mug and Paper Toy collections and talk story on our office couch.

7. Built in SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Tradewind Graphics builds SEO into every website we create. We add alt tags to your photos, optimize your Page titles, page names and descriptions to help get you ahead of your competition!

8. WordPress CMS (Content Management System)

All of our websites are built with WordPress CMS. WordPress has become the industry standard for website creation. With a short lesson, you’ll be able to make your own changes to your website. We recommend sticking to simple text changes at first but as you become more comfortable you can update photos, prices and more.

9. Responsive

Every website we build is responsive. What is responsive you ask? A responsive website automatically changes to fit Phones, tablets laptops and desktop computers. No more scrolling on your phone to read text and find page links. Plus we will make your phone numbers click-able on a phone for one touch dialing.

10. Google Analytics / Google Console / Sitemaps

We connect every website we build to Google console and Google analytics. We build a custom Sitemap of your website and submit it to google. This helps you get found fast and improve your rankings. Google analytics will allow you to track where your visitors come from and see which pages they visit and even how long they stay on your website. You’ll learn what keywords they searched to find you and what type of device they used, what country they are from and so much more

11. Everything-Maui.com is a website of leading business on Maui. Get a free listing on everything-maui.com to help you get found and boost your website rankings.


* Included in our Hosting plan of only $25 a month.